Tips On How To Build An Opt-In List From Scratch Without A Website Or Experience Part II

Commentary: In the previous post, we realized the values of having an opt-in list and how to begin building a list from scratch and without a website. This is a continuation of the previous post. Click Here To get the content of part I. I will be adding and updating these two posts as things continue to change so be sure to be checking not to miss out.

Step 2. - Signup with your favorite affiliate program
I would assume that the principal reason why you would need to have your own opt-in list is so that you can make money by promoting offers and products otherwise you would not need to go through all that hustle and bustle in the first place. So the first thing that you need is a quality product to promote, meaning its highly converting, it pays well (50% and above in commissions) easy to promote, definitely not “scam”, and finally the product has to be in demand (You don’t to waste your efforts promoting a product that people aren’t interested in buying).

I have put together The best programs that you can start with if you don’t have any;
Home Website Center – Create a FREE account with them now and you get a host of information websites ready with digital products to promote. Each product comes with its own independent website that is fully setup with no hosting fees etc and you get to adjust the prices as you wish while retaining 100% profits! You also get an easy to use control panel for all sites for your products. They update products regularly in an automated process so that shouldn’t worry you. As you may now know that information products are now selling like hot cakes, I mean more than anything else in the market and yes you can Google for yourself to find out. The world is hungry for information. Get a free account here.

My Affiliate WebsiteJust like I explained above about the growing demand for information, with this program you make money through reviews. When you get a free signup account with them, you receive a professional looking site that is Search engine optimized so you can even begin making money within minutes. They don’t charge hosting etc, you just choose what kind of reviews you want to put to your site and money start coming your way. You can get a free account with them here.

My blogging site And you guessed it! Information again, this program allows you to blog with easy to use user interfaces and automated systems tailored to make your work easy and effortless so that you can focus on keeping people happy with your blogs. As a new user, you get click bank integration that allows you to get commissions directly when people click on your affiliate links and make purchases automatically and also get free $25 ads credit from Google, Yahoo and Miua to make your blog more visible. Oh did I mention that you retain all earnings? Well you do, so don’t wait until someone takes the words out of my mouth! Grab your own blog here.

I will not give you a huge unnecessary list, the above should start you off. I chose these three programs because of these reasons;
  1. They provide what is in demand, “Information”
  2. Highly converting, over 60% rate
  3. You get to keep 100% earnings that you make and not a portion
  4. They’re highly professional increasing conversion
  5. The automation element that makes them run by themselves

Step 3. - Create Floating Subscription Forms For Each Program That You Promote
Most autoresponders now have this technology of building floating subscription forms or leads capture forms to capture opt-in details. The good thing is that they’re so easy to create, and you do not need a manual or experience to know how to create them.

Step 4. - Get subscribers - Where do you find “Opt-in” subscribers? – This is a good question. You would stop reading if I told you how easy it is! In fact you don’t even need to own a facebook or twitter accounts, and again you don’t need a website or even a blog to start getting opt-in subscribers to add onto your list. There are free list building services available that you can use to build your very own list, and some even pay their members by just interacting on their site by either viewing solo or banner ads etc for credit! I have gathered a list of the best result oriented free list building services out there. Check the list below.

Top 10 Free List Building Services
  1. List bandit – This is the first program that you should join if you’re a true online marketer and forget about other programs that pay their members! Created by Gary Ambrose (The guy who created – The free autoresponder service) you can get hundreds of subscribers within just days, thanks to their dual matrix system. The trick is to keep checking your account as you can find yourself at the bottom with no one to send emails to (if you don’t have referrals) while other times you get hundreds of subscribers (at the top of the matrix). All of these happens every day of the week so be on guard!
  2. Traffic magnet – This program allows you to send a limited number of subscribers usually 300 to 450 members per week as a beginner. As you refer more members so are your chances of sending emails to more members increase. You get to send emails to anyone in your affiliate down line plus other members in the network. You also get points when you read and click links of other people’s emails, view solo ads and banners. With this credit, you get to post your ads on the network that rotates anywhere the link goes. You get paid 50 % when any of your referrals upgrades.
  3. Triple your list – You will receive free leads every time the program is in “recycle mode” You also have an option of getting referrals which allows you to send emails to all of your down line referrals and their referrals too. They have a forum where you can get more leads. Their system works different with traffic magnet, which gives you a good reason to join them.
  4. The list machine – This program works just like list bandit. It’s kind of hard to tell the difference but they have huge numbers of users as well.
  5. Your huge list - This program allows you to send emails to about 200 users as a beginner in their system. You can post ads within the network if you have credit which you can get by viewing solo ads, banners etc. You also get up to 60 % instant commission when any of your referrals upgrade. They also allow you to attach gifts for your opt-in list.
  6. List insomnia – This works just like the Traffic Magnet somewhat like a clone but still a great program with lots of members to email. This program allows you to cloak your link into their domain which makes it hard for people to know what they’re clicking.
  7. Traffic eruption – Works like the above program but you get to email all members while in gold status which you get by default! They hold referral contests periodically where you can win solid cash sent to your account.
  8. List ads – As a free member in this program, you get 2 lifetime text ads rotating throughout the entire network. You get about 30% commissions when your referrals upgrade and about 10% when there are sales made in the members area. You earn credit when you read members emails and click on the earn credit link on the email.
  9. List dot com – This program works on per referral where your down line referrals are calculated in levels (up to 20) You only send emails to your down line and never receive any email from the down line affiliates yourself. However you only receive emails from 20 members in your up line, about 20 emails per week which is a great thing.
  10. List and chat – This program allows you to build your opt-in list that enables you to chat with your referrals. You can also send emails to random members and your 10 level affiliates.

Golden Tip: To get a lot of opt-in subscribers, make sure that you signup and become an active member to all of the 10 programs listed above. Now you have no excuse why you don’t have your own opt-in list, do you?

Tips on how to communicate with your opt in subscribers
  • Do not spam your opt-in members – Begin by sending a warming letter, usually a free offer indicated in the opt-in squeeze form while they enter their contacts. After that, you can introduce yourself but if you do not have any online reputation just stick to offering regular free offers that have a back end commission.
  • While introducing free offers to your opt-ins, make sure to do extensive research first as a considerable amount of online offers are proven to be scams. You introduce scam, you ruin your online reputation.
  • Always personalize your communication with your subscribers by referring them by their first names in the beginning of the email, body and end of email if possible.
  • Do not be afraid of asking them to perform a certain action, such attending a webinar event or even completing a offer, just be creative coz you’re dealing with people here not robots and people are nobody’s fool remember that
  • Never confuse what you represent – If your opt-in list contains weight loss subscribers, for crying out loud DO NOT introduce money making offers to them even if the product is highly converting. Use another opt-in form and ask them to subscribe to it instead.

 Summary To Building A List Without A Website;
  • Get an autoresponder, Aweber (most convenient and low cost) or Listwire (free service)
  • Signup with your favorite affiliate program (Choose one that offers free front end incentives for opt-in)
  • Create floating subscription forms for each program that you promote
  • Join the 10 free list building services mentioned, I encourage you to join even more and be active
  • Be as professional as possible as you send emails to members as you can be banned 

I wish you all the best in your list building endevours, any questions don't hesitate to ask through the comment box below. 

Tips On How To Build An Opt-In List From Scratch Without A Website Or Experience Part I

It’s official that part of online survival kit entails the keeping of an up to date mailing list in all forms of product or service engagements. Picture this, with an Opt-in list you get to enjoy the benefits of free advertising from targeted customers who are ready to purchase your product (If you don’t spam ‘em). Let’s face it, marketing overheads are already unbearable these days, and having an opt-in list that can put money in your pockets when you’re broke or had a bad marketing experience can be very rewarding (This can happen to any experienced marketer). Someone sent me an email inquiring about whether its possible to build an opt-in list without a website, well I decided to share my knowledge here, hope you enjoy it and comment if you like this post!

What is an Opt-in list? – This is a mailing list whereby a subscriber is required to agree to be receiving emails from a certain mailing source, usually rendered through some form of action such as ticking a checkbox on a form while subscribing to receive some incentives or newsletter etc.

Why Do You Need An Opt-In List In Your Online Enterprise? – Experts say that it takes an average of between 5 to 7 times for an average person to buy something, that shows you the amount of engagement required in terms of launching aggressive marketing campaigns, constant communication with subscribers, offering of incentives in order to get the first sale. The sad thing is that the customer may not always buy the product, but you don’t just toss them like that as they become leads or prospects to your business.

These leads together with other customers who bought the actual product will be part of your opt-in list that might save you in the future maybe when you get a product that arouses their interest. Maintaining this list is not always easy as you will have to pay for domains, autoresponders, hosting etc therefore there is the need to have a clean list of targeted opt-in subscribers. As an affiliate or any marketer you need to identify the reasons why you need an opt-in list in the first place, check below.

Top 5 Reasons For Having An Opt-In List
1.      Consider this as a low cost engagement with your opt-ins that might just generate capital for potential sales and more leads generation in the process
2.      This is your security (If you behave yourself) whether you have money or not, they’re your safety net
3.      Through your opt-in list is the fastest and cheapest way of getting a message across, maybe you have a product launch, upgrade etc they can help you spread that message to their friends, colleagues which generates even more subscribers towards your course.
4.      You will never spend money promoting a product to them even if it’s not yours, you enjoy the fruits of the campaigns you set up years ago for FREE!
5.      You perfect your business and products or services when they tell you the reasons that they don’t like the product / service or prefer another one instead.

How do you build an opt-in list without a website
Well this is a topic with lots of technicalities involved but I will try to simplify it as much as possible. I so agree that it’s not necessary to have a website to earn money online although a website offers greater marketing advantages that I will not discuss now.
The first step in building your opt-in list without a website is that you will need an autoresponder, sorry no buts. :-(

Step 1: Autoresponder
This is a tool (usually software) that answers or responds to incoming emails with pre-written messages to subscribers. This software is not as simple as the description makes it, with it you can create squeeze forms (Forms used to capture subscribers details) that you can put on top of any website and receive opt-ins directly to your data store located in the autoresponder.  

You can arrange an automatic one-way customer conversation with this tool until a customer responds to some action which makes work easier. There are other integration technicalities involved for specific actions, but let’s stick to what’s important for now.
So an autoresponder software will let you create squeeze forms (some even lets you create squeeze pages) and don’t get me wrong I know that there are softwares that create squeeze forms, squeeze pages and even landing pages if you have a website for the mailboxes etc. That’s why our focus is without website aid.

Finding An Autoresponder That Meets Your Current Needs

You can shop around for the best autoresponder, such as listwire which is the only service that’s currently offering totally free autoresponder services (good for people who don’t mind ads during opt-in registration- but only happens once with each customer). 

Listwire are actually rolling out their free service and when you do register with them, you can mind the support thing for a while until they’re fully settled and the good thing is that they’re never down and their system is so easy to use that a baby can work it. You can sign up with them at listwire.

Alternatively, you can use Aweber which is the most popular autoresponder in the market today due to its pocket modest services, excellent user interface, above 10 year experience and their popular $1 signup for the beginners going for a whole month (with no opt-in ads). You can signup with them at Aweber. This I believe is the oldest autoresponder in the market, and so many internet marketers like Mike G. have been using it, meaning that they know the dynamics of online marketing (we’re talking about the dot com revolution) and getting access to their marketing tips is a golden opportunity. There are other autoresponders in the market that are good as well, but the chief reason as to why the vast majority of marketers have opted to use Aweber is because of the marketing oriented system they offer that’s inexpensive.

Back to our question, How Do You Build An Opt-In List Without A Website? This is what you do,
  • Get an autoresponder
  • Signup with your favorite affiliate program
  • Create squeeze forms for every campaign you have – you will need to include your affiliate id included in the “tech part” of the form for the website that you’re promoting (you will be guided)
  • Use a URL croaking program (this is a program that hides your real affiliate url to avoid people stealing your commissions through “cookie stuffing” and other bad methods) to conceal your ids. E.g.,, and – These are also URL shorteners.
  • Promote that URL instead of affiliate id! Simple….you will have your own opt-in subscribers dropping into your autoresponder account whether they subscribe to the program that you’re promoting or not. This is the best way because now you can communicate with them anytime


Stay tuned for part II to get a list of free list building services that you can use to populate your list with, I did not intend to create a long post but it just occurred. I divided it into two posts that are easy to make use of. Ask any questions through the comment box below, enjoy!

Reviews On The Three Alternatives To Google Adsense, Chitika, AdBrite And Adengage

The discussion about which ads provider is better took a toll In one forum where I’m a member, and there seemed not to be a conclusive end to it, so I decided to take it upon myself and conduct a review based on the four main ad players in the market, Google Adsense, Chitika, AdBrite and AdEngage. In this review, I tried to get as much information as possible as I tried to answer these critical questions:
  •     The features of each program
  •    The merits and demerits of each
  •    And the payout rate
Although all programs are unique, you will realize that some of them surpass each other making them stand out to be the most preferred. Read to find out!

Adsense Snapshot

Google Adsense

Google's popular advertising program, Google Adsense is a service that lets publishers display ads from extensive list of advertisers from its network and seems to have taken a huge market share in contextual ads. Google Adsense, which uses a proprietary PageRank search technology to serve ads that are based on the content and keywords, has witnessed success primarily with the text ads which out-ruled the previously popular banner ads. 
However, there are other significant contextual advertisers that have their own unique ways of doing things, and therefore cannot be looked down upon. For this case, we will consider Chitika, AdBrite and Adengage contextual advertising programs. We will also answer questions such as what are the merits and demerits of using such mentioned programs, elaborate on their features and more so, identify how their payout is like compared to Adsense.

Unlike Google Adsense which scans the content to display relevant ads, instead Chitika features a unique program that scans based on the search strings used to access the website. For instance, by using a keyword Phrase such as “Taxi in Boston” Chitika, will display relevant ads without unnecessary coding, loading precise ads as well as enabling the pages to maintain their loading time. 

Pros For Chitika
One of the most outstanding features with Chitika is that it brings more precise ads that many experts would argue to be more relevant than Adsense. This in turn increases advertiser's ROI and conversion rates since the ads are more relative to the business. Another key advantage is the idea of placing an image beside the ad text, which Adsense does not allow in their TOS. The power of images is undeniably huge and the combination of both gives advertiser and publishers higher conversion rates in the process.

Chitika Snapshot
Cons For Chitika
The major flow with Chitika is the ad customization in that as far as you may want to camouflage the ads within your content like the case with Adsense, Chitika is limited to how much you can customize.

Chitika's payout rate is considerably higher compared to Adsense based on CTR rates of above 100% of Adsense which gives you $0.15 on minimum while Adsense offers slightly less than that.

Image representing AdBrite as depicted in Crun...
AdBrite is a contextual ad program that offers three types of ads, the full page ads, inline ads and banners and texts ads. AdBrite enables its publishers to approve and reject any offers placed on their sites if they feel to be inappropriate, as well as setting their own rates for the ads. The publishers also get a chance to convert their website's traffic into some advertising offers which generates revenues. By using features like “place your ad here” on their sites, publishers are able to link visitors towards the opportunities for advertising that are currently being offered and they make money that way.

Pros For AdBriteIf we look at their pros, AdBrite gives its publishers the ability to control the sort of ads that rotate on their sites. It also allows them to sell ad space through a “Place your ad here” features which automatically manages such spaces in line with the counters set for the ads to operate on. Unlike Adsense, AdBrite offers site owners other alternatives for advertising such as the full page option which can be set to CPM minding that Adsense is a combination of both where the CPM rates outside N. America and Europe are much lower.

AdBrite tends to cover a wider array such as casino ads, adult related ads and gambling while Adsense doesn't support such. 

Cons For AdBrite
One of the major cons is that it’s suited for websites with huge traffic base and low number of clicks on the ads displayed where the publisher can benefit from good CPM rates. Another concern is the type of ads shown on a website. They are less relevant to site's content as compared to Adsense which lowers the CTR. Some site owners using AdBrite complain about adult content showing on their sites which goes back to ad relevance within the content placed on a site.
The payout structure for AdBrite is quite generous as they give 70% to their publishers while they retain 30% for themselves. Another good thing to note is that their minimum payout rate is $5 where Adsense is $100.

Image representing AdEngage as depicted in Cru...

Adengage is a contextual ad program that has quite a unique mode of advertising as it offers purchased ads that run on a specific period of time (Cost per Time) as well as targeted cost per click ads which operates on a targeted section of their network. Adengage offers two types of ads, phototext ads which are ads with images, title and description. The targeted Cost per Click ads which are geo-location oriented and are more customizable. Adengage does not offer banner ads. 
Pros For AdEngage
The pros of using Adengage as an advertiser is the minimum CPC which is approximately around a cent as compared to Adsense which is above 5 cents. Adengage also allows you to choose your own rates for advertisers to place ads on your site. Another merit is their multiple payment options which include PayPal, Western Union, ePassporte, wire transfer or checks while Adsense only sends out checks.

Adengage cons include poor support service, which is not on time responsive like most services. As a publisher with low traffic, no advertiser will sign up for your site. The other thing is that you need a minimum of 10 to 20 thousand impressions per month so that you can start enjoying their services decently.

The payout rate is unlike many ad networks as it claims to pay 75% of all ad revenues to publishers while retaining only 25%. Their minimum payout structure is $20 paid on the 15th of the next month.

If you're going to consider any of the above ad providers, I suggest that first you conduct an audit of your website and identify what you want to get out of it.
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Get A Replica Tag Watch Instead!

Lets face it, everyone would want to have a designer watch on their arms to floss around and look cool. The hard truth is that they're costly and not everyone can afford them. The good news is that you can get a replica watch that looks exactly like the original at a much less cost, and guess what? You get it while new and functional as well. So I decided to write a post regarding replica watches for info. Check this post below to get the idea!

Since their invention, wrist watches have become common accessories throughout the world and worn by people from different walks of life and age gaps. However their designs have also changed significantly over the years with the inclusion of date, alarm timers and so on to add more style and class. 

Well these inclusions add up to its cost making it unaffordable to the most. Inexpensive solution had to be implemented to fill this gap. A fake Tag watch is master crafted to resemble the original in every way and captures all of the outstanding values present in the non replica at a fairy subsidized rate.

The Advantages
One of the greatest benefits of getting a fake Tag watch is the history behind the creation of the original which is an attracting factor to many. It is well understood that the older the history the better due to the perfection which comes with experience earning trust along the way. 

The replica watch has a representation of the values incorporated in the original that usually includes the technology and bit of fad which gives the user a unique sense of pride. Fake watches have been in existence for a long time and the difference between the old times and the modern day is that technology is much more advanced, resulting in identical, well crafted and durable watches.

Hot watch
Design is everything in a watch and that is why a fake Tag watch is without a doubt one of the most sought after chronometer due to the sleekness aspect and the affordability element. This has caused many replica watch makers to sharpen their skills in order to win the coins of the masses which may have formed a kind of “scramble”. In our day and age, there is no big different between a fake and an original watch, they much or less look the same the only difference would be the logo and the product code.

A challenge plays!
Instant Social Anarchy
Blog Listings

Blog Directory
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Babylon 8 Translation software – Review

Editor's choice:
As a market researcher, my work is heavily dependent on online resources because it is easier and faster for me to conclude and execute the results without a lot of hustles. However I do come across articles in diverse languages and since I need to get certain information I tend to rely so much on Google for translation, don’t get me wrong Google translation service is great but sometimes I’d require lots of reference materials like the Wikipedia, digital dictionaries all at one point and easily accessible.

Well our good friend Google has all these things but first you will have to search for them individually and you may not get exactly what you’re looking for even after spending so many hours going through mountain loads of information that these databases contain. I have often come across various translation softwares which offer different types of resources such as the pooling together of global dictionaries, offering access to various lingual databases automatically all beside the normal language translation. I cannot hide the fact that I’m personally fascinated by the ancient Japanese and Chinese cultures and usually find myself googling about them on my mobile.

There is nothing that is so tiring and exhausting like going through volumes of data that is usually in a language that you do not understand, and the most daunting thing is that as you do it there seems not to be an end into it and you end up a distressed person not finding what you’re looking for - ask me and i'll tell you! 

Access the most shocking online hot tub
Experience ever and join in as well for MUCH FUN!

The best translation softwares I have found
This has happened to me in most occasions until one of my college friends suggested that I get a translation software. Of course the thought was on my mind but I did not know which one was best suited for my requirements. One of his best ideas turned out to be my worst experiences,  some applications which had more than what I was looking for. They also became sort of difficult to apply with their excessive features. I then realized that I was spending too much time trying to learn how to use them rather than the opposite – further to that, at $ 95.99 per license was too costly for me to afford. 

What shocked me as a normal user was the general price range for similar products usually between $95-$ 150 each and I had not settled to spend such huge amounts on a piece of translation software.
So I came across a modest and precise translation application, it was just what I needed. Simple to use, it gave me word to word contextual meaning, contains short but expandable menus and most of all very cheap to own. All starting at only $9.70! 

This is a light, simple to use application of its kind which allows you to translate to more than 30 languages for web pages, documents, full texts and other common formats right from your desktop. It also gives you access to media and well parked digital libraries, Wikipedia results offered in bilingual arrays, wide gallery of add-ons. With the current updated version everything is simple as it can get with an automatic language recognition feature that works without your entry, website translator with just a single click. 
Babylon 8 will translate phrases and single words using a hot-key combination that can easily be adjusted in the Settings menu. Additionally, you get a unique globe selection feature that keeps the program going behind the scenes while you do other things. The computerized voice that pronounces words currently in English form is another feature not to miss out on, although I found that for you to hear other languages you will need to add text to speech engines that you can easily find available online, I can also help you with that at no cost.

If you’re a heavy consumer of translation resources in all of your applications and internet browsing like myself, this is I believe the best application to have. Try selecting the Babylon 8 default settings so that it can load at the start of your machine, you’ll be amazed.

Important information
Operative system – Windows XP and Vista
File name - Babylon8_setup.exe
File size – 8.19 mb
Categories – Language and Educational application

Website Content Protection