Reviews On The Three Alternatives To Google Adsense, Chitika, AdBrite And Adengage

The discussion about which ads provider is better took a toll In one forum where I’m a member, and there seemed not to be a conclusive end to it, so I decided to take it upon myself and conduct a review based on the four main ad players in the market, Google Adsense, Chitika, AdBrite and AdEngage. In this review, I tried to get as much information as possible as I tried to answer these critical questions:
  •     The features of each program
  •    The merits and demerits of each
  •    And the payout rate
Although all programs are unique, you will realize that some of them surpass each other making them stand out to be the most preferred. Read to find out!

Adsense Snapshot

Google Adsense

Google's popular advertising program, Google Adsense is a service that lets publishers display ads from extensive list of advertisers from its network and seems to have taken a huge market share in contextual ads. Google Adsense, which uses a proprietary PageRank search technology to serve ads that are based on the content and keywords, has witnessed success primarily with the text ads which out-ruled the previously popular banner ads. 
However, there are other significant contextual advertisers that have their own unique ways of doing things, and therefore cannot be looked down upon. For this case, we will consider Chitika, AdBrite and Adengage contextual advertising programs. We will also answer questions such as what are the merits and demerits of using such mentioned programs, elaborate on their features and more so, identify how their payout is like compared to Adsense.

Unlike Google Adsense which scans the content to display relevant ads, instead Chitika features a unique program that scans based on the search strings used to access the website. For instance, by using a keyword Phrase such as “Taxi in Boston” Chitika, will display relevant ads without unnecessary coding, loading precise ads as well as enabling the pages to maintain their loading time. 

Pros For Chitika
One of the most outstanding features with Chitika is that it brings more precise ads that many experts would argue to be more relevant than Adsense. This in turn increases advertiser's ROI and conversion rates since the ads are more relative to the business. Another key advantage is the idea of placing an image beside the ad text, which Adsense does not allow in their TOS. The power of images is undeniably huge and the combination of both gives advertiser and publishers higher conversion rates in the process.

Chitika Snapshot
Cons For Chitika
The major flow with Chitika is the ad customization in that as far as you may want to camouflage the ads within your content like the case with Adsense, Chitika is limited to how much you can customize.

Chitika's payout rate is considerably higher compared to Adsense based on CTR rates of above 100% of Adsense which gives you $0.15 on minimum while Adsense offers slightly less than that.

Image representing AdBrite as depicted in Crun...
AdBrite is a contextual ad program that offers three types of ads, the full page ads, inline ads and banners and texts ads. AdBrite enables its publishers to approve and reject any offers placed on their sites if they feel to be inappropriate, as well as setting their own rates for the ads. The publishers also get a chance to convert their website's traffic into some advertising offers which generates revenues. By using features like “place your ad here” on their sites, publishers are able to link visitors towards the opportunities for advertising that are currently being offered and they make money that way.

Pros For AdBriteIf we look at their pros, AdBrite gives its publishers the ability to control the sort of ads that rotate on their sites. It also allows them to sell ad space through a “Place your ad here” features which automatically manages such spaces in line with the counters set for the ads to operate on. Unlike Adsense, AdBrite offers site owners other alternatives for advertising such as the full page option which can be set to CPM minding that Adsense is a combination of both where the CPM rates outside N. America and Europe are much lower.

AdBrite tends to cover a wider array such as casino ads, adult related ads and gambling while Adsense doesn't support such. 

Cons For AdBrite
One of the major cons is that it’s suited for websites with huge traffic base and low number of clicks on the ads displayed where the publisher can benefit from good CPM rates. Another concern is the type of ads shown on a website. They are less relevant to site's content as compared to Adsense which lowers the CTR. Some site owners using AdBrite complain about adult content showing on their sites which goes back to ad relevance within the content placed on a site.
The payout structure for AdBrite is quite generous as they give 70% to their publishers while they retain 30% for themselves. Another good thing to note is that their minimum payout rate is $5 where Adsense is $100.

Image representing AdEngage as depicted in Cru...

Adengage is a contextual ad program that has quite a unique mode of advertising as it offers purchased ads that run on a specific period of time (Cost per Time) as well as targeted cost per click ads which operates on a targeted section of their network. Adengage offers two types of ads, phototext ads which are ads with images, title and description. The targeted Cost per Click ads which are geo-location oriented and are more customizable. Adengage does not offer banner ads. 
Pros For AdEngage
The pros of using Adengage as an advertiser is the minimum CPC which is approximately around a cent as compared to Adsense which is above 5 cents. Adengage also allows you to choose your own rates for advertisers to place ads on your site. Another merit is their multiple payment options which include PayPal, Western Union, ePassporte, wire transfer or checks while Adsense only sends out checks.

Adengage cons include poor support service, which is not on time responsive like most services. As a publisher with low traffic, no advertiser will sign up for your site. The other thing is that you need a minimum of 10 to 20 thousand impressions per month so that you can start enjoying their services decently.

The payout rate is unlike many ad networks as it claims to pay 75% of all ad revenues to publishers while retaining only 25%. Their minimum payout structure is $20 paid on the 15th of the next month.

If you're going to consider any of the above ad providers, I suggest that first you conduct an audit of your website and identify what you want to get out of it.
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