Tips On How To Build An Opt-In List From Scratch Without A Website Or Experience Part I

It’s official that part of online survival kit entails the keeping of an up to date mailing list in all forms of product or service engagements. Picture this, with an Opt-in list you get to enjoy the benefits of free advertising from targeted customers who are ready to purchase your product (If you don’t spam ‘em). Let’s face it, marketing overheads are already unbearable these days, and having an opt-in list that can put money in your pockets when you’re broke or had a bad marketing experience can be very rewarding (This can happen to any experienced marketer). Someone sent me an email inquiring about whether its possible to build an opt-in list without a website, well I decided to share my knowledge here, hope you enjoy it and comment if you like this post!

What is an Opt-in list? – This is a mailing list whereby a subscriber is required to agree to be receiving emails from a certain mailing source, usually rendered through some form of action such as ticking a checkbox on a form while subscribing to receive some incentives or newsletter etc.

Why Do You Need An Opt-In List In Your Online Enterprise? – Experts say that it takes an average of between 5 to 7 times for an average person to buy something, that shows you the amount of engagement required in terms of launching aggressive marketing campaigns, constant communication with subscribers, offering of incentives in order to get the first sale. The sad thing is that the customer may not always buy the product, but you don’t just toss them like that as they become leads or prospects to your business.

These leads together with other customers who bought the actual product will be part of your opt-in list that might save you in the future maybe when you get a product that arouses their interest. Maintaining this list is not always easy as you will have to pay for domains, autoresponders, hosting etc therefore there is the need to have a clean list of targeted opt-in subscribers. As an affiliate or any marketer you need to identify the reasons why you need an opt-in list in the first place, check below.

Top 5 Reasons For Having An Opt-In List
1.      Consider this as a low cost engagement with your opt-ins that might just generate capital for potential sales and more leads generation in the process
2.      This is your security (If you behave yourself) whether you have money or not, they’re your safety net
3.      Through your opt-in list is the fastest and cheapest way of getting a message across, maybe you have a product launch, upgrade etc they can help you spread that message to their friends, colleagues which generates even more subscribers towards your course.
4.      You will never spend money promoting a product to them even if it’s not yours, you enjoy the fruits of the campaigns you set up years ago for FREE!
5.      You perfect your business and products or services when they tell you the reasons that they don’t like the product / service or prefer another one instead.

How do you build an opt-in list without a website
Well this is a topic with lots of technicalities involved but I will try to simplify it as much as possible. I so agree that it’s not necessary to have a website to earn money online although a website offers greater marketing advantages that I will not discuss now.
The first step in building your opt-in list without a website is that you will need an autoresponder, sorry no buts. :-(

Step 1: Autoresponder
This is a tool (usually software) that answers or responds to incoming emails with pre-written messages to subscribers. This software is not as simple as the description makes it, with it you can create squeeze forms (Forms used to capture subscribers details) that you can put on top of any website and receive opt-ins directly to your data store located in the autoresponder.  

You can arrange an automatic one-way customer conversation with this tool until a customer responds to some action which makes work easier. There are other integration technicalities involved for specific actions, but let’s stick to what’s important for now.
So an autoresponder software will let you create squeeze forms (some even lets you create squeeze pages) and don’t get me wrong I know that there are softwares that create squeeze forms, squeeze pages and even landing pages if you have a website for the mailboxes etc. That’s why our focus is without website aid.

Finding An Autoresponder That Meets Your Current Needs

You can shop around for the best autoresponder, such as listwire which is the only service that’s currently offering totally free autoresponder services (good for people who don’t mind ads during opt-in registration- but only happens once with each customer). 

Listwire are actually rolling out their free service and when you do register with them, you can mind the support thing for a while until they’re fully settled and the good thing is that they’re never down and their system is so easy to use that a baby can work it. You can sign up with them at listwire.

Alternatively, you can use Aweber which is the most popular autoresponder in the market today due to its pocket modest services, excellent user interface, above 10 year experience and their popular $1 signup for the beginners going for a whole month (with no opt-in ads). You can signup with them at Aweber. This I believe is the oldest autoresponder in the market, and so many internet marketers like Mike G. have been using it, meaning that they know the dynamics of online marketing (we’re talking about the dot com revolution) and getting access to their marketing tips is a golden opportunity. There are other autoresponders in the market that are good as well, but the chief reason as to why the vast majority of marketers have opted to use Aweber is because of the marketing oriented system they offer that’s inexpensive.

Back to our question, How Do You Build An Opt-In List Without A Website? This is what you do,
  • Get an autoresponder
  • Signup with your favorite affiliate program
  • Create squeeze forms for every campaign you have – you will need to include your affiliate id included in the “tech part” of the form for the website that you’re promoting (you will be guided)
  • Use a URL croaking program (this is a program that hides your real affiliate url to avoid people stealing your commissions through “cookie stuffing” and other bad methods) to conceal your ids. E.g.,, and – These are also URL shorteners.
  • Promote that URL instead of affiliate id! Simple….you will have your own opt-in subscribers dropping into your autoresponder account whether they subscribe to the program that you’re promoting or not. This is the best way because now you can communicate with them anytime


Stay tuned for part II to get a list of free list building services that you can use to populate your list with, I did not intend to create a long post but it just occurred. I divided it into two posts that are easy to make use of. Ask any questions through the comment box below, enjoy!

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